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Nikon High-Power Compound Microscopes
Measuring Microscopes
Toolmaker Microscopes
Stereo Microscopes
Automatic Optical Measuring Systems
Optical Comparators
Inverted Microscopes
Digital Cameras
Infinity Objectives
Obsolete Microscopes

Video Measuring Microscopes

Scherr-Tumico Optical Comparators
CNC Automatic Inspection

Mitutoyo Finescope Long Working Distance Microscopes
Long Working Distance Infinity Objectives
Stereo Microscopes
Toolmaker Microscopes
Measuring Microscopes
Optical Comparators
Mechanical & Electronic Measuring Tools

Digital Readouts (DRO's)
Metrology Software
Fiber-optic Edge Detection DRO's
Geometric Function DRO's  
Computerized DRO's
SPC Programmable Video Edge Detection Tools
CNC Automatic Inspection

AView Logo

ZView Digital Camera Measurement Software

ZView Analog/Video Measurement Software

paxit PAX-it! Archiving/Communications Software
PAXcam Bundle
Sony CCTV Video Cameras
Video Printers
Video Monitors

Mitsubishi Video Printers
Digital Printers
Video Casette Recorders


CCTV Cameras
Video Monitors
Video Printers


Video Monitors

by   Vitana
Digital Cameras


Digital Cameras


Polaroid Digital Cameras
Digital Scanners


High-Resolution Video Printers
CCTV Cameras

Elmo CCTV Cameras

Techniquip Fiber Optic Illuminators
Flourescent Illuminators
CCTV Cameras
Video Systems
    Video Measurement System
Video Optics
Boeckeler Video Micrometers
Javelin Video Micrometers
Photoelectric Micrometers
Video Text Generators
Measurement Systems
PC Solutions

Javelin Systems
(Now Boeckeler)
Video Line Generators 
Video Micrometers

Video Measuring Systems
     Meiji Stereo Microscopes
High-Power Compound Microscopes
Scientific / Industrial Microscopes
Inverted Microscopes
Video Zoom Lens Systems


High Power Compound Microscopes
Stereo Microscopes


Inverted Microscopes

    Optem Intl.


Video Zoom Lens Systems
Custom Optical Systems 



Video Zoom Lens Systems


CCTV Lenses

CCTV Lenses
  Microscope Components

** Product specifications and availability subject to change without notice. Products listed here are current for Summer, 2001. The above is only a sampling of the product range available. Please feel free to Contact Capra for price estimates, or any related products not listed on this page. **

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