Profile Projector V-16E

Click to Enlarge    The Nikon Profile Projector V-16E is made with more performance features to give you easier operation over a wider range of capabilities. For speedier focusing, all projection lenses are par focal  and provide long working distances, from 49mm to 80.5mm. And when measuring extra-large or heavier specimens, the larger Nikon stages 9VA-J1, 9VA, 7VL, and 7V can be mounted directly on the rigid stage mount.

    The V-16E also lets you photograph specimens by simply attaching the photographic attachment in place of the standard screen. The Nikon Profile Projector V-16E has many advantages that make it the most versatile and efficient profile projector you'll ever use.

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Type Vertical Optical Axis
Image Inverted and reversed
Screen Diameter 400mm; fine-grain ground glass with etched center crossline; 1-minute reading on built-in vernier; inclined 13o off vertical
Lens Mount 3-lens turret mount: screw type
Projection Lenses 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x
Magnification Accuracy +-0.1% for contour illumination 
+-0.15% for surface illumination
Stage 9VA-J1, 9VA, 7VL, 7V mountable directly; 
O3L, O3, A4, A4B mountable with adapter
Maximum specimen height 150mm (5.9")
Power Supply AC 100 ~ 120V (CSA), 220 ~ 240V (CEE), 240V (SAA)
Weight 240kg (530 lbs.)
Capra Optical, Inc.
Telephone: (508) 650-9700