Profile Projector Model V-20A

Click to EnlargeThe Nikon Profile Projector V-20A is rugged and heavy-weight-- and incredibly accurate, reliable, and simple to use. Like all other Nikon profile projectors, Model V-20A offers superb image definition, uniform edge-to-edge magnification, and bright screen illumination. The large 500mm diameter screen is combined with a heavy-duty stage to accommodate larger, heavier specimens. Contour and surface inspections can be done separately or simultaneously. And there is a wide variety of accessories to increase its versatility.

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  • Large 500mm-diameter protractor screen-- inclined 13.6o for convenient fatigue-free observation.
  • Ruggedly built motorized focusing system and large stages (9VA-J1, 9VA, 7VL, and 7V) for handling large and heavy specimens (max 20kgs.).
  • Halogen lamp illuminators provide brighter, sharper screen images in both contour and surface illuminations-- and simplify observation of low-reflectivity specimens under high magnification.
  • Precise focusing system, 3-lens rotating turret and photoelectric digital micrometer provide simple, accurate, efficient measuring work.
  • Newly designed projection lenses assure higher resolving powers, parfocality (except at 5x), parcentricity, and magnification accuracy. Magnification range-- 5x to 100x.

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Type Vertical optical axis
Screen 500mm diameter, protractor screen, inclined 13.6o
Projection lenses 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x
Lens mount 3-lens turret mount: screw type
Light source 24V - 150W halogen lamp 
Changeover switch for two-step light intensity adjustment.
Power 100, 110, 200, 220, or 240VAC 50/60Hz
Weight 300kg (662 lbs.)

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