Using the PixeLINK camera on a Microscope

Consider these issues when setting up the PL-A642 camera on a microscope:

Light source power supply
    Does the microscope use an AC lamp or a DC lamp? While either source will work with the camera, an AC power source will produce horizontal banding in the video preview image at many exposure settings. To overcome this effect, use the exposure adjustment on the PL-A642 application to find a suitable exposure setting where the banding disappears. Now use the microscope light level adjustment to get the exposure level you need.

C-mount adapter
    The PL-A642 uses a CMOS sensor with a format that is just slightly larger than 2/3”. This typically requires a “0.6 C-mount adapter” on a microscope, to provide a sufficient field of view, however if you experience vignetting (darkness in the corners of the image), then you may want to try a 1” adapter.

(Excerpt from Vitana's TechNotes: Microscope Usage)

For details on setting exposure, white balance, etc. please click the link:  PixeLINK 3.0 Software Controls

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