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CMOS MegaPixel Monochrome Camera

PL-A642 Picture The Vitana PL-A641 is a MegaPixel monochrome camera based on a 2/3 inch CMOS Image Sensor. The camera provides refresh rates comparable to video. A single 6 pin IEEE-1394 Firewire interface connector is used to interconnect the camera to the PC at 400 Mbs. All video data, camera control signals, and power are handled by this single cable, making interface quick and easy. Further, multiple cameras can be connected to the same port through a daisy chained operation that also allows cameras to be "hot swapped". A GUI provides easy user access to all camera functions including image resolution, image position, and image sensitivity. 

    The PL-A642 is ideally suited for the use in the Biometrics, Microscopy, Medical, Surveillance, and Machine Vision Markets. 

  • 2/3 Inch Megapixel CMOS image sensor 
  • 1280 (H) x 1024 (V) Pixels
  • C-mount optics
  • Software control for all camera fuctions through a GUI
  • Camera settings can be stored to a scene file
  • Selectable Image Resolution
  • Selectable Frame Rate
  • Sub-window sizing and positioning
  • Digital Pan / Tilt function
  • Selectable pixel bit depth
  • Electronic Mirror Image Selection
  • Images can be electronically flipped
  • IEEE-1394 Firewire interface at 400 Mbs allows video data to be transferred to the PC, and also provides for camera control and power from the PC.
  • Two IEEE-1394 ports allow devices to be daisy chained

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PL-A641 Spec Sheet

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