Capturing Images with the PixeLINK camera

Where and How.
    The first choice to make when saving snapshot images to disk is under the “Save As…” button. When clicked, this option presents a typical File Saving dialog. Specify the location and filename for the image you wish to capture, or the prefix that you wish to use for multiple filenames. There are three file types available for image storage. Generally, choose either BMP or TIFF.

1. Bitmap – This option saves images to disk as RGB24 Bitmaps.
2. TIFF – Tagged Image File format
3. Raw – Un-altered data, as collected from the sensor

Incremental File Name Setting
    Incremental filenames can be generated by the application based on a supplied prefix. Each consecutive image captured is added to the specified folder with 001, 002, 003, and so on added to the prefix.

    To capture an image to disk, click the mouse on the Snapshot button. Alternatively, with this button being the focus on the application window, you can use either the “Space Bar” or the “Enter” key to force a Snapshot to be saved to disk.

(Excerpt from Vitana's TechNotes: Microscope Usage)

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