Toshiba's IK-M43Series Camera System uses the latest 410,000 pixel CCD image sensors with advanced micro-lens technology. The Camera's CCU (IK-CU43A) accepts 1/2 inch "Lipstick" (IK-M43H), 1/2 inch C-mount (IK-C43H), and 1/4 inch Micro (IK-SM43H) CCD camera heads.

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Imaging element 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch Interline Transfer CCD
Effective pixels Horizontal: 768 pixels; Vertical: 494 pixels
Pixel Size 1/2 inch: 8.4 um x 9.8 um; 1/4 inch: 4.75 um x 5.55 um
S/N ratio 46 dB or more
Sync System Internal/External (automatic switching)
Minimum subject illumination 1/2 inch: 3 lux (F1.2, Gain On, 30IRE) 1/4 inch: 10 lux (F1.2, Gain On, 30IRE)
Scan frequency Horizontal: 15.73 kHz; Vertical: 59.94 Hz
Scan system 2:1 interlaced
Video outputs VBS 1.0V(p-p), (BNC terminal) NTSC system Y/C separation output (S terminal)
Output impedance 75 ohms unbalanced
External synchronization: Input adjustment function VBS 1.0V(p-p) (BNC terminal) NTSC 75 ohms unbalanced Subcarrier phase, H phase
White balance Automatc/set/manual
Electronic shutter settings Automatic, 1/60s, 1/100s, 1/250s, 1/500s, 1/1,000s, 1/2,000s, 1/4,000s, 1/10,000s, 1/50,000s, synchronized scan
Sensitivity / AGC switching Manual gain, 1dB increments to +18dB 
AGC maximum selectable from 0 to +18dB
Weight Head: 60g 
CCU: 670g
Camera Head cable length  1/2 inch Lipstick Camera head: 18g 1/2 inch C-mount Camera head: 75g 1/4 inch Micro Camera head: 2.5g Camera Control Unit (CCU): 390g
Operating temperature/humidity 14F to 104F (-10C to +40C)/Less than 90%
Power source DC12V±0.5V
Gain Switch (AGC) SENS UP (+6 dB)/ON/OFF
Power consumption 310 mA
Anti-vibration/shock characteristics Anti-vibration/shock characteristics
Dimensions 1/2 inch Lipstick Camera head: dia: 17 mm, length: 38.9 mm
1/2 inch C-mount Camera head: W: 32 mm, H: 37 mm, D: 32 mm 1/4  inch Micro Camera head: dia: 7 mm, length: 42 mm Camera Control Unit (CCU): W: 85 mm, H: 40 mm, D: 156 mm
Optional lenses 1/2 inch Camera head: 2, 4, 7.5, 15 and 24 mm; 1/4 inch Camera head: 2.2, 4 and 8 mm
Optional Power Supply ACM412 (with AC adaptor)


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