Fiber Optic Illuminator Mini-Lux

If longer lamp life is what you desire, then the MiniLux is your solution. The MiniLux provides you with ample illumination for today's video cameras while providing you with 8,000 hours of lamp life. Whether you are looking for longer lamp life, high color temperature or regulated output; MiniLux is your answer.

MiniLux gives you the option to select the lighting you will need for your specific application. The MiniLux can be used world-wide with ease. All you have to do is plug it in! Techni-Quip has designed the MiniLux with a universal input, detachable cord, safety interlock switch, and a thermal safety switch. The MiniLux meets stringent safety specifications. The MiniLux is a regulated DC power source for driving lamps up to 75 watts at 12 volts. This regulated out provides a constant voltage not effected by line level fluctuation . The MiniLux is equipped with a built -in light meter which provide a reference for output intensity . The MiniLux is built with a soft start circuitry which increases lamp life by eliminating current surges when unit is turned on. Front knobs can easily adjust intensity levels.

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