Fiber Optic Illuminator FOI-150/150A

 Click to Enlarge    The FOI-150 and FOI-150A provide uniform illumination of focused white light for a wise variety of applications. The front-mounted output aperture permits adding a filter holder for use with a complete chromatic range of Schott glass filters. It also provides maximum flexibility to adapt the illuminator for use with our light guides or those of other manufacturers. Our on-off intensity control allows fine adjustment of the intensity and increases lamp life by reducing the initial current surge when the illuminator is activated. The lock-in feature for light guides, secured by two socket cap screws, permits the illuminator to operate on its back without disconnecting the light guides.
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  FOI-150 FOI-150A
Power / Frequency 120VAC 60Hz 120VAC 50Hz
Fuse 2 amps "Slo-Blo" 2 Amps "Slo-Blo"
Lamp Type EKE 21 volt 150 watt halogen EJA 21 volt 150 watt halogen
Lamp Life 200 Hrs Min 40 Hrs Min
Lamp Color Temperature 3200oK (at full output) 3350oK (at full output)
Output Aperture 5/8" (.625" ID) Standard 5/8" (.625" ID) Standard
Weight 7.5lbs 7.5lbs
Capra Optical, Inc.
Telephone: (508) 650-9700