Color Video Monitors PVM-14N

 Click to Enlarge    The Sony PVM-14N2U and PVM-14N1U color video monitors bring the advantage of quality performance and the convenience of operating flexibility to a wide range of business enviornments.

    These monitors provide quality performance such as a high resolution of 500 TV lines with the Sony Trinitron CRT and stable color reproduction with the Beam Current Feedback Circuit. In addition, these monitors combine practical features such as an on-screen menu in multiple languages.

    The PVM-14N1U monitor is ideal for simple picture viewing, whereas the PVM-14N2U monitor, with additional features such as RGB input facility and 4:3/19:9 aspect ratio capability, are suited to general picture viewing.

    Affordable, yet adequately featured, the PVM-14N2U and PVM-14N1U are suitable for a variety of viewing applications.

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  PVM-14N2U /N1U
System NTSC / PAL / SECAM / NTSC4.43 automatically selected
Color Temperature 6500K
CRT Size 14" Diagonally
Center resolution 500 TV Lines
Normal Scan 7% over scan
Linearity H: less than 8% 
V: less than 7%
Power consumption 100W
Mass 61lb 11oz 
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