Color Video Monitors PVM-14M

 Click to Enlarge    The newly developed HR Trinitron CRT enables the PVM-14M4U to achieve the high resolution of 800 TV lines. The PVM-14M2U provides a 600 TV line resolution, with a dark tint CRT for high contrast images. SMPTE-C standard phosphor CRTs are incorporated in the PVM-14M4U. The accuracy of color reproduction achieved by these monitors makes them ideal for applications which require precise color reproduction.

    Because monitor white balance is prone to drift during continuous operation over a long period of time, PVM-M Series monitors are equipped with a beam current feedback circuit. This corrects for white balance drift and results in long-term stability of color reproduction. Accurate luminance / chrominance separation can be attained with the NTSC comb filter with the enhanced pulse response characteristics.

    PVM-M Series models are equipped with input connectors for component, RGB, Y/C, and composite signals for system flexibility. Furthermore, for accurate reproduction, the component level can be adjusted according to the input system. The PVM-M Series accepts NTSC, PAL, and SECAM signals. NTSC4.43 can also be reproduced. Inserting the optional serial digital interface kits BKM-101C and BKM-102 into a monitor allows the PVM-M Series to accept SMPTE-259M component serial digital signals.

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  PVM-14M4U PVM-14M2U
CRT AG Pitch 0.25mm 0.25mm
Phosphor SMPTE-C P-22
CRT Size 37.1cm (14") Diagonally 37.1cm (14") Diagonally
Visible Picture Size 33.2cm (13") Diagonally 33.2cm (13") Diagonally
Resolution 800 TV Lines 600 TV Lines
Aperture Correction 0 to +6dB 0 to +6dB
Frequency Response LINE: 10.0 MHz (+/-3dB) *Y signal only 
RGB: 10MHz (+/- 3dB)
LINE: 10.0 MHz (+/-3dB) *Y signal only 
RGB: 10MHz (+/- 3dB)
Synchronization AFC time constant 1.0mS AFC time constant 1.0mS
Normal Scan 7% over scan 7% over scan
Under scan 5% under scan 5% under scan
Power consumption 90W 90W
Mass 36lb 13oz 
35lb 4oz 
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Telephone: (508) 650-9700