Pixera Penguin Cooled Digital Cameras
Penguin 600CL & 150CL - COOLED CCD Digital Camera Systems

The Penguin 600CL & Penguin 150CL are the most sophisticated Digital Camera Systems in Pixera's product range, withPenguin outstanding image quality and excellent sensitivity.  Designed specifically for the most demanding imaging requirements, both systems feature a peltier cooling device for long exposure times, reducing the CCD operating temperature by 20oC compared with a non-cooled condition.  Coupled with advanced frame averaging and integration functions, the system will enable you to capture fluorescence and darkfield images with reduced thermal noise.  Unlike other digital camera systems which increase resolution using software interpolation, the Penguin 600CL allows for a true optical resolution of 5.8 million pixels using Pixera's proprietary DiRactorTM, light-swing opto-mechanical technology.  The Penguin 150CL offers you up to 1.5 Million Pixels.

Either system will provide you with very high image quality, 24/48bit RGB color, excellent sensitivity and dynamic range.  When you need the absolute highest image quality and resolution for archiving, digital zoom in and publishing, the Penguin 600CL with its maximum 17MB, 5.8 million pixel resolution is your best choice. A 15 frames per second color viewfinder and focus indicator makes it easy to focus.  All of Penguin 600CL & Penguin 150CL pre-exposure default settings are adjustable via easy controls and indicators in the Viewfinder application. The included Hand Switch allow the user to remotely capture images without moving attention away from the microscope.

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Camera System Features
Resolution  Penguin 600CL - up to 5.8 Million Pixels Penguin 150CL - up to 1.5 Million Pixels
Image Sensor  1/2", 1.5 Million Pixels Color CCD Cooled CCD for low noise
Sensitivity  0.01lux
Selectable Sensitivity  ISO 50/100/200/400
S/N Ratio  62dB
Dynamic Range  60dB
Color Depth 24 or 48 bit RGB
RGB Color Specific Enhancement
Long Integration Exposure  up to 60 seconds
Spot Detection variable size and location
Viewfinder  15 frames per second (fps) @ 640x480 pixels
Image Processing Speed  5-20 sec
Camera Mount  C-mount
Other Features  Save and preload prior captured settings
External Hand Switch (remote exposure control)
Cooling System
Type  Peltier Thermoelectric Device
Cooling Temperature -20oC (±4oC) 2
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