Zoom 65 Optical System

     The Zoom 65 Optical System has been the standard in the industry for high-quality, high-magnification applications using CCTV cameras. Extended equipment utility, a strong record of reliability, and economy in operation are consistently delivered by the Zoom 65. Seven high resolution 6.5 to 1 zoom modules provide a magnification range of .7x to 4.5x. Optical magnification can be extended to 0.18x and 18x by adding auxiliary lenses and TV tubes. A 2X Amplifier will further extend the magnification to 36x. Working distance varies depending on the module. The basic zoom (29-90-10) provides a working distance of 89mm, and can resolve a minimum of 200 line pairs per min. The zoom modules are parfocal, and provide on-axis centration throughout their entire zoom range. Those zooms with lower magnification ranges have proportional resolution capabilities.

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