SMZ 645/660


A new standard in stereoscopic zoom microscopes.
The SMZ645 and 660 dramatically improve optical performance and handling comfort, while continuing the tradition of Nikon microscopes.
Nikon's SMZ645 and 660 microscopes were developed specially to meet the needs of customers who demand more advanced features and higher performance at lower prices. For these reasons, the SMZ645 and 660 are destined to become the new standard for stereoscopic zoom microscopes in the 21st century.
SMZ660          SMZ645
Streamlined base allows operation without removing your hands from the microscope
Image The plain stand features a trim design that makes handling samples much easier. Moreover, the base has a wide front and smooth curves, allowing operators to work while resting their arms in a natural position. The diascopic stand also has the same armrest design.
New ergonomic auxiliary objectives for correct eye-level positioning

Nikon has also developed new AL ERG ergonomic auxiliary objectives that can be freely adjustable to match the operator's eye level for comfortable viewing. 

Diascopic stand with large-diameter stage glass
The diameter of the stage glass in the diascopic stand was widened, making it possible to view samples in large Petri dishes. Image
Easy-to-use 6.3x zoom ratio offers magnifications from 0.8x to 5x
Image By using twin zooming objective optics developed exclusively by Nikon, the SMZ645 and 660 incorporate a convenient 6.3X zoom ratio, enabling observations at just the right magnification to match the sample. The zooming knob also features click-stops which allow changes in magnification in 1x intervals from 1x to 4x without removing your eye from the eyepiece. And since it is easy to maintain the same magnification, efficiency is ensured, whether you are using the microscope by yourself or sharing it in a laboratory situation.
A long working distance of 115mm (4.5 in.)

Even though the SMZ645 and 660 offer extremely high magnifications, they still provide the longest working distances of any microscopes in their class. This allows you to process and manipulate samples with ease, even while performing delicate or complex tasks.

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Optical system Twin zooming objective
Total magnification 4X to 300X depending on eyepiece and
auxiliary objective used
Eyepiece inclination SMZ645: 45° SMZ660: 60°
Interpupillary distance adjustment 52 to 75 mm (2.0 to 3.0 in.)(C-W10X)
(with diopter adjustment)
C-W10X (F.N. 22)
C-W15X (F.N. 16)
C-W20X (F.N. 12.5)
C-W30X (F.N. 7)
Zooming range 0.8X to 5X
Zooming ratio 6.3 : 1
Auxiliary objectives
(working distance)
G-AL0.5X (211mm/8.3 in.)
G-AL0.7X (150mm/5.9 in.)
G-AL1.5X (61mm/2.4 in.)
G-AL2X (43.5mm/1.7 in.)
G-AL ERG 0.77X - 1.06X
(102 - 48 mm/4.0 - 1.9 in.)
Working distance 115mm (4.2 in.)
Illumination systems torG-LS 6V-10W Illumina
G-LS 6V-10W Illuminator 
(with G-EIA Articulated Supporting Arm or Articulated Arm)
C-DSLS 6V-20W Illuminator 
(with Articulated Arm)
C-FPS Fluorescent Ring Illuminator 
C-FIR Plastic Fiber-Optic Ring Illuminator
(12V-100W halogen)
C-FID Plastic Fiber-Optic Bifurcated Illuminator
(12V-100W halogen)
Stands C-PS Plain Focusing Stand
C-PSC Compact Plain Focusing Stand
C-DS Diascopic Stand S
C-PS 160 Plain Stand 
C-DSS Diascopic Stand
C-DSD Diascopic Stand
C-BD Diascopic Bright/Darkfield Stand
Large Stage Stand
Universal Table Stand G-US1/G-US2/US-3
Antistatic function Discharge time: less than 0.2 sec. 
(from 1000V down to 10V)
Airtight construction JIS dew prevention standard Type 1 compliant

Telephone: (508) 650-9700