V-12B Series Accessories


screen sensor SS1 V24B-specific9V stage
This sensor detects edges in a workpiece using optical sensors, then sends data results to the connected data processor for quick and efficient measurements. This sensor eliminates alignment errors by different operators.
V24B-specific9V stage
screen sensor SS1
Surface area 610 x 290 mm (24.0 x 11.4 in.)
Stage glass size 330 x 200 x 10 mm (13.0 x 7.9 x 0.4 in.)
Cross travel 225 x 100 mm (8.9 x 3.9 in.)
Reading method Linear encoder (SC-212 is required) 
Minimum readout 0.0001mm
Tool mounting groove Dovetail
Loading capacity 30kg (66.1 lb.)
Weight Approx. 75kg (165.3 lb.)
Time-saving automatic detection
This sensor can measure edges from any direction, making it ideal for measuring circles or pitches between two circles, or when all workpieces need to be measured. 
Compatible projectors All models
Compatible projection lenses 20 - 100X
Repeatability ±1µm
Response speed 6mm/sec. (transfer speed on stage)
Minimum measurable width 3.5mm (on screen)
Detector SPD (silicon photodiode)
Edge signal ON/OFF Measure switch or optional foot switch selectable
Holder size S types (one each for V-24B, V-20B, and V-12B)
glass scale set
Used to check the magnifying accuracy of the projector being used. It is equipped with a 50mm standard scale in 1mm increments (accuracy ±[3+7L/100]µm), a 300mm reading scale in 0.1mm increments (accuracy ±[6+L/50]µm), and a 6X magnifier. 

*L = measurement length (mm) 

glass scale set
Consult a Nikon representative when using surface illumination. Not usable when green filter is used.
glass reading scale
  Used to measure projection images on the screen. 200mm and 300mm scales (both in 0.5mm increments) are available. 
Accuracy: ±(15+L/20)µm. 
glass reading scale


Projection  Lens

  • Rotating turret mount holds three projection lenses.
  • Screw clamp mounts hold lenses firmly in place
  • High-resolution, distortion-free viewing from 5x to 500x.
  • 50x, 100x, 200x, and 500x, lenses offer longest working distances in their class.
  • Parfocal at all magnifications.
  • Half-reflecting mirrors built-in.
Magnification Diameter of Area Covered mm. (in.) Working Distance mm (in.) Half-reflecting mirror D
mm (in.)
5x 61 (2.4) 60 (2.36) Built-in 127 (5.00)
10x 30 (1.18) 74 (2.91) Built-in 215 (8.46)
20x 15 (0.59) 74 (2.91) Built-in 244 (9.61)
25x 12 (0.47) 62 (2.44) Built-in 178 (7.01)
50x 6 (0.24) 61 (2.40) Built-in 173 (6.81)
100x 3 (0.12) 50 (1.95) Built-in 123 (4.84)
200x 1.5 (0.06) 24 (0.94) Built-in 49 (1.93)
500x 0.6 (0.02) 3.5 (0.14) Built-in 7 (0.28)


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