Measurescopes MM-40/60 Universal Type
w/ Metallurgical Optics

img Universal Type img


Combining the functions of both measuring and metallurgical microscopes, these models permit highly precise measurements at high magnifications. They also support Nikon's revolutionary CF Infinity Corrected optical system, providing high resolution with minimum flare. In addition to brightfield illumination, you can use darkfield, DIC, and other illumination techniques, depending on the nature of the workpiece.
pointBuilt-in Linear Scale for Z-axis 
pointThree-step super-coarse/
coarse/fine focusing knob 
pointUniversal illumination
MM-60/L3U + Type 8x6 Stage + 
SC-213 Counter 
pointTwo-step coarse/fine* 
focusing knob 
pointUniversal illumination 


*The fine focusing knob of the U-type model 
is a super-fine movement type to address
high-magnification applications. 

MM-40/2U + Type 4x4 Stage + SC-212 Counter


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Type MM-60/L3U MM-40/L3U MM-40/2U
Eyepiece tube Erect image trinocular TT*1/TI, inverted image binocular BI
Eyepiece CFWN10x , CFWN10x CM (Field No. 20)
Objective CF plan objectives for metallurgical microscopes
Stage Type 10x6, Type 8x6, Type 6x4, Type 4x4, Type O3L, Type 2x2 Type 6x4, Type 4x4, Type 03L, Type 2x2
Max. workpiece height 150mm (5.91 in.) 
Light source Epi-illuminator: 12V-50W
Diascopic illuminator: 12V-50W 
Epi-illuminator: 12V-50W
Diascopic illuminator: 6V-20W 
Dimensions (W x D x H)/weight 350 x 449 x 674 mm (13.8 x 17.7 x 26.5 mm.); approx. 50kg (110 lb.) 350 x 415 x 624 mm (13.8 x 16.3 x 24.6 mm.); approx. 50kg (110 lb.)
*1: Eyepiece tubes TT are also available in crosshair reticle built-in types.
(Crosshair reticles cannot be removed.)


Unrivaled performance in virtually every aspect of image measurement

External light control
In addition to the light control built into the stands, all models are provided with a connector that allows computer connection for CNC light control. CNC light control insures repeatability of light intensity during measurements.

New 0.1µm minimum reading counter
Nikon's new counter features a 0.1µm minimum reading--one of the highest levels in this class. In addition, the display unit is located close to the eyepiece, making viewing easier. The control unit makes interface with the data processor easy.

Brilliant, low-flare optical systems
New relay lenses are just one of the reasons why Nikon's optical system produces crisp, low-flare images. The MM-60 uses a 12V/50W halogen lamp for measurements using either episcopic or diascopic illumination. The MM-40 has a 6V/20W lamp for episcopic or diascopic illumination or can be fitted with a 12V/50W lamp solely for episcopic illumination. All models permit continuous adjustment of brightness to match the measuring task.

3-step and 2-step coarse/fine focusing knobs allow fine adjustment over the full range of vertical movements

graphEach of the focusing knobs for super-coarse, coarse, and fine adjustments can be manipulated over the entire range of vertical movement. On models with 3-step adjustment for super-coarse, coarse, and fine modes, super-coarse adjustments are performed with a crank. The position of the coarse and fine knobs on the crank places the knobs within easy reach of the operator on systems with stages having a large Y stroke.

Z-Axis Measurements Are Now More Precise and Easier to Make

Thanks to Nikon's optical Focusing Aid, much more accurate measurements of the Z-axis are possible. These microscopes feature a linear scale that covers the full range of vertical movements. Together, the focusing aid and scale yield a substantial improvement in the reliability of Z-axis measurements.

    Built-in Nikon Linear Scale for precise Z-axis measurements over a wide range
    A linear scale built into the microscope body covers the entire range of vertical movement--200mm (7.9 in.) in the MM-60 and 150mm (5.9 in.) in the MM-40--to permit accurate measurements.

    One-guide-rail system adopted for vertical movement
To ensure optimum precision, a single rail is used for vertical movement. This construction offers a significant improvement in Z-axis measurements compared with units that have two or more guide rails.

    Optical Focusing Aid for Z-axis measurements
Nikon's own darkfield bisection method enables highly-precise focusing. Above-focus, below-focus, and in-focus views are shown within the Measuring Microscope's field of view. Even low-magnification objectives with wide depth of focus offer higher focusing repeatability.

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