Eclipse ME600P/600D

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   A new line of metallurgical/industrial microscopes from Nikon, the Eclipse ME600 Series was
   developed to improve operator ease and comfort. You will be astonished with its intuitive simplicity -
   simplicity you've never experienced before in a microscope of this type.

   Moreover, its CF Infinity Corrected optical system combines the advantages of both CF and infinity

   This system not only delivers images with brilliant sharpness, but allows users to configure it to
   match their specific needs with the attachment of various accessories. For manufacturing or
   research and development in the fields of semiconductors, electronics, pharmaceuticals, general
   metallurgy, crystallography and ceramics. Nikon's Eclipse ME600 series is designed to meet all
   your needs.

   Next-generation ergonomic design

   Strain-free operation
   In a new design, the focus knob and the stage handle are located equidistant for the operator and
   positioned so that your hands rest comfortably on the desk in a more relaxed, natural posture.
   There is no need to twist your shoulders around, causing much less strain. Furthermore, the fine
   focus knob and the stage handle can be controlled with one hand.

   Ergonomic Binocular-Tube
   With this option, the operator can adjust the eyepiece tube inclination (from 8° to 32°), and the
   eyepiece length (±15mm) for maximum comfort.

   Newly designed epi-illuminator
   Utilizing a 12V-100W lamphouse to provide sufficient brightness, this new epi-illuminator can be
   used for brightfield, darkfield, Nomarski DIC, and qualitative polarizing observations. The new
   diaphragm mechanism eliminates manual settings, streamlining your inspection. If you switch to
   darkfield observation, it opens the field and aperture diaphragms while releasing the anti-glare filter;
   when you return to the brightfield method, both field and aperture diaphragms are stopped down to
   their original position and the anti-glare filter is reset. In addition, sliding filter switching is a standard

   Flexibility, plus rigidity
   The new optical system allows one intermediate module—a double port teaching head—to be used
   with the epi-illuminator without any compromise in optical performance. The stability and rigidity of
   the microscope body was ensured by analyzing its design using computer-aided engineering (CAE).
   The resulting body can withstand the load of a fully-equipped microscope, and does not cause any
   deterioration in image quality due to vibrations or other factors.

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