Alphaphot Microscope

Click to Enlarge    A new generation in Alphaphot microscopes brings superior research level optics and Nikon system flexibility to classroom and laboratory microscopy. The Alphaphot-2 surpasses its peers in design and styling, at an affordable price.

    With high-resolution CF Optics, rugged construction, and built in safety features, the Alphaphot-2 is designed to give years of professional performance and reliability for a low initial investment.

    At the heart of the remarkable Alphaphot-2 system is a full range of newly designed CF E Series objectives and eyepieces, whose unparalleled clarity of detail and color fidelity help identify and interpret specimens faster and easier. The unrivaled sharpness and flatness of field of the CF optics is enhanced by high-efficiency 30W tungsten illumination and a critical focusing Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm. In addition, the precision coarse and the fine coaxial focus knobs ensure easy, exact focusing throughout the entire magnification range. The coarse focus tension can be adjusted by the user, and the ultra fine focus in 2 micron increments extends over the full range of coarse travel.

    The Nikon Alphaphot-2 is also designed with education in mind. Its die-cast alloy stand provides the ruggedness and stability necessary for heavy institutional use. Likewise, a built-in stage-stop mechanism and spring-loaded 40x and 100x objectives protect both specimen and objective from accidental damage. The Alphaphot-2 is tamperproof, with locking mechanisms available on all optical and mechanical components.

    More than just a single purpose microscope, the expandable, modular Alphaphot is part of the Nikon system and accepts over 70 CF objectives and eyepieces, and a wide range of accessories for critical specimen evaluation. The new NCB-10 type blue filter provides proper color rendition not previously available on laboratory microscopes.

    The Alphaphot-2 can also be equipped for different microscopic techniques such as phase contrast, darkfield, fluorescence, polarized light and epi-illumination. A dual viewing attachment is available for instructional purposes, and a zoom-magnification drawing tube can aid in scientific illustration of specimen images. Alphaphot-2 can easily be equipped as a video microscopy teaching station.

    The Alphaphot-2 is provided with an optional cord hanger for coiling the power cord to facilitate storage and transport. To brighten the scene, the Alphaphot-2 makes its appearance with colored arm rests. A choice of seven colors: red, blue, green, gray, yellow, white, and black are available to match most school colors.

    All of the Alphaphot-2 advantages are also available with Koehler illumination. The Nikon Alphaphot-KT2 provides the performance and versatility needed in critical laboratory and classroom microscopy and in medical and dental practices. With 20-watt quartz halogen illuminator and field diaphragm, the Alphaphot-KT2 provides optimum Koehler illumination for special lighting techniques. Its bright, high-contrast images are ideal for video microscopy and photomicrography.

    For medical education, veterinary studies and life sciences, the Alphaphot-2 and Alphaphot-KT2 provide long-term research-quality performance, reliability, and flexibility that far out-classes any other microscope in its price range. Both carry a five-year warranty and are supported by a nationwide network of sales and service representatives.

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