Universal Epi-Illuminator

This Attachement makes fluorescence microscopy much easier. This technique is effective for detecting particles on the specimen surface by capturing them as fluorescence images. Ideal for detecting and analyzing positive and negative photo resists in the semi conductor manufacturing process.

    Utilizing a 12V-100W lamphouse to provide sufficent brightness, this new epi-illuminator cand be used for brightfield, darkfield, Nomarski DIC and qualitative polarizing observations. The new diaphragm mechanism eliminates manual settings, streamlining your inspection. If you switch to darkfield observation, it opens the field and aperature diaphragms while releasing the anti-glare filter; when you return to the brightfield method, both field and aperature diaphragms are stopped down to their original positions and the anti-glare filter is reset. In addition, sliding filter switching is a standad feature.

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