Eclipse 400/600 Polarizing Microscope

Redefining Polarizing Microscopy to Provide Greater Sharpness and Simpler Operation Eclipse E600Pol
Users demand many things from a polarizing microscope: high performance, ease of use, extreme rigidity, and durability. Historically, Nikon's polarizing microscopes have always been respected for their excellent image sharpness and functionality.
Now, Nikon has gone back to the drawing boards to redesign these microscopes as the Eclipse series, employing cutting-edge CFI60 infinity optics to make them better than ever.
These superb microscopes offer both advanced optical performance and user-friendly operation, two qualities you have come to expect and depend on from Nikon.
Nikon's Eclipse-series polarizing microscopes.
Instruments that let you explore new horizons in your research.

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Eclipse E600POL 
Research-Grade Analytical Polarizing Microscope that Utilizes the Excellence of CFI60 Optics
High numerical apertures, long working distances, plus easy upgrading for the most demanding advanced research techniques. These are the features provided by the Eclipse E600POL incorporating Nikon's high performance CFI60 infinity optical system. Moreover, the E600POL inherits all the user-friendly features of the Eclipse E600, to offer operational ease never before available in a polarizing microscope. 
The E600POL utilizes a 12-volt, 100-watt ultra-stable Koehler illumination light source delivering the highest quality microscopic illumination possible. Rock-solid rigidity is also a benchmark of this microscope, thanks to the robust construction of both the base and arm sections.
NikonEclipse E400POL
A CFI60-Based Polarizing Microscope that is Compact and Easy to Use
A CFI60-Based Polarizing Microscope that is Compact and Easy to Use Employing Nikon's exclusive CFI60 infinity optical system, the E400POL boasts high N.A.'s and long working distances. In addition to its superior basic performance, this polarizing microscope has a compact size with ergonomically placed controls for hours of strain-free operation.
The E400POL features a 6-volt, 30-watt quartz halogen illuminator for economical and trouble-free illumination.
The Eclipse E400POL is ideal for routine observations and inspections. 
NikonDiascopic/Episcopic Illumination
Both diascopic and episcopic polarizing observations are possible by mounting an optional episcopic polarizing attachment. The improved illuminator delivers greater brightness, capturing images of low-reflectance opaque specimens with excellent sharpness and ample brightness.
With the E600POL, illumination power is supplied by the built-in transformer. 
Wide field of View 22mm
An eyepiece(22mm F.O.V) is standard, enabling observation over a wide field of view. 
Image Reversed Centering Quintuple Nosepiece
This new centering nosepiece can accommodate up to five strain-free polarizing CFI60 objectives ranging from 4x to 100x. 
It also incorporates a DIN slot for easy insertion and removal of special-purpose compensators. 
High-Precision Rotating Stage
The stage is an integral part of the microscope body for greater stability and enhanced accuracy. The stage incorporates a high-precision ball bearing movement with a very accurate and repeatable 45° click-stop feature (E600POL only) .
The outstanding performance of this stage will be apparent when using high N.A., long working distance P Achromat polarizing objectives.
Intermediate Tube
Image The slider-type analyzer has a large rotation control for easy adjustment and accurate reading and is rotatable through 360°. 
The Bertrand lens, located in the intermediate tube, is focusable and centerable for the best conoscopic observations / CCTV / photography.
The polarizer features click-stops (E600POL only). Because of its ample size, it is easy to rotate and read the analytical degree markings. 


Main Body Optical System CFI60 infinity optical system
Appearance T-shaped, double-wing design
illumination 12V-100W long-life, halogen lamp; Built-in 12V-100W DC transformer; With diascopic/ 
episcopic illumination changeover switch (located on back of right-side wing)
6V-30W halogen lamp transformer
built in 
Focusing Coaxial fine focus knob; Fine: 0.1mm per rotation; Coarse: 12mm per rotation;
Minimum reading 1 micron on left-side knob 
Eyepiece 10 x (F.O.V. 22mm), CM type with 90° crosshair and micrometer scale
Eyepiece tube Trinocular TP exclusive for polarizing microscopy; Binocular BP exclusive for polarizing light 
Intermediate tube Built-in focusable Bertrand lens removable from optical path; Conoscopic/Orthoscopic
observations switchable; Built-in analyzer; With plate/compensator slot 
Analyzer 360° rotary dial; Minimum reading angle 0.1°
Nosepiece Detachable reversed centering quintuple nosepiece; With DIN slot Reversed centering quintuple; Fixed
Stage Top-grade dedicated circular graduated stage
Rotatable 360° horizontally; can be fixed at a specific position
Graduated 360° (1° increments)
Click stops each 45° 
Attachable mechanical stage available; 35 x 25 mm travel, vernier 0.1mm. 
Ball bearing rotary stage
Attachable mechanical stage available;
35 x 25 mm travel,
vernier 0.1mm. 
Condenser Dedicated strain-free swing-out type; P Achromat N.A. 0.9
Polalizer Fixed to the bottom of the condenser holder; With scale No scale
Objectives CFI P Achromat 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100xH;
CF EPI Plan DIC 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100xDry (15mm adapter necessary) 
Episcopic illuminator Dedicated epi-illuminaton
Compensators Standard 1/4 ganma& tint plate, quartz wedge or Senarmont 
compensator can be inserted into intermediate tube slot 
Weight Approx. 17kg (standard set) Approx. 12kg (standard set)

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