Eclipse E200POL

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       CFI60 Infinity Optical System - This system combines Nikon's renowned CF optical design with
   infinity optics to overcome the limitations of the traditional infinity design.

       Reversed-type Nosepiece - provides more space of the stage to make specimen handling fast
   and easy.

       Comfortable viewing - The Seidentopf-type eyepiece tubes (binocular or trinocular) is inclined at
   30 degrees to ensure a natural posture resulting in more comfortable viewing.

       Unique Refocusing Stage - When exchanging specimens, the stage can be dropped and return to
   its original position.

       Easy Lamp Replacement - The E200 comes with a unique top-access 6V-20W halogen lamp.
   Simply slide open the lens unit cover to replace the lamp.

       Solid construction - Greater rigidity and resistance to vibration due to the E200's one-piece
   casting and 188.5mm width.

   Available with E2-TB Binocular or E2--TF Trinocular F Tube

Technical Specifications:

   Optical System: CFI60 infiinity optics

   Magnification: 40-1500X for observation; 8-500X for 35mm photomicrography

   Eyepiece Lens: 10X (F.O.V.: 22mm): CM type with 90 crosshair and micrometer scale

   Eyepiece Tube: Binocular P-TB or Trinocular P-TT dedicated for polarizing microscopy

   Intermediate tube: Built-in focusable Bertrand lens and analyzer removable from optical path;
   Conoscopic/Orthoscopic observations switchable; Built-in analyzer: with plate/compensator slot

   Analyzer: 360 degrees rotary dial: Minimum reading angle 0.1

   Nosepiece: Quadruple nosepiece fixed to main body

   Coarse/fine focusing: Fine: 0.2mm per rotation; Coarse: 37.7mm per rotation; Minimum reading:
   2 microns on left-side fine control knob: Coarse motion torque adjustable; Refocusing system
   incorporated in stage; Stage handle and focusing knob equidistant from operator

   Illumination: 6V 20W halogen lamp precentered and prefocused; Continuously variable intensity

   Objective Lens: CFI P Achromat 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X oil for episcopic illuminator

   Episcopic Illuminator: Dedicated

   Condenser: Dedicated strain-free swing-out type

   Polarizer: Fixed-type on bottom of condenser

   Compensator: Standard 1/4 wave and tint plate: Quartz wedge or Senarmont compensator can be
   inserted into intermediate slot

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