Capture and monitor images in real time over a network
DN100The DN100 enables the viewing of images by multiple people at distant locations over a network while the images are being captured elsewhere. And because the images can be viewed simultaneously, it’s unnecessary to first capture the image, then store it before sending. 
Sharing of information in real time over distances allows, for example, product inspection results or microscopic images to be shared between factory and lab or between hospital and lab, eliminating the need to travel to distant locations.
The DN100 is a cost saver too. You don’t need to buy a special monitor or software. All you need are the DN100 and a regular Internet browser!
Quick setup, simultaneous viewing 
Color images of up to 1280 x 960 pixels. 
Fast display & full-resolution images on the local side for ease of focusing and operation. 
Images can be captured using the provided camera control unit—no PC or special software is necessary. 
No special software needed either, to establish communication with remote areas—simply connect directly to a LAN (by 10-base-T)
The networked parties can view the images anytime, even while being captured, on their PCs using standard Internet browsers. Even adjustment of the camera is possible from the networked side. 
A PC card slot is provided, allowing the data to be uploaded, or stored and carried anywhere. 
Easy, intuitive operation 
Image capture side (operated on the local monitor screen)
White balance adjustment 
Exposure selection: Program AE, Shutter Priority, Manual switchable 
Color control: contrast and gain adjustable 
Noise reduction 
Shading compensation 
Electronic zoom: can be set from 1.4X to 16X in 8 steps 
2-image split-screen display—ideal for comparison 
Cross line or scale display possible 
Storage intervals for image data selectable 
10  Image data storage on FTP servers 
11  Image data storage on PC cards 
12  Auto save to server disk storage 

Networked sides (operated on the remote Internet browser screen) 
Interval time setting: images on the preview window are updated at a selectable interval of 1 frame per 2 seconds through 1 frame per 10 minutes; can be set to non-update 
Resolution of preview window: selectable from 4 types ranging from 320 x 240 up to 1280 x 960 pixels
Image preview window 
Camera's exposure, white balance, tone, and other settings can be adjusted even from the remote screen 
Image downloading with either 1280 x 960 pixels (approx. 3.6MB) or 640 x 480 pixels (approx. 0.9MB) quality
Line drawing capability: allows the operator to draw lines or circles in the preview window 
Electronic zoom: 2X electronic zoom available 
Perfect answer for simultaneous inspection or documentation over a network in various industries 
When configured with an industrial microscope

Images can be taken at the inspection department and monitored on networked PCs in various sections of a company in real time. This allows discussions including accept/reject judgments by comparing the workpiece in question with the correct sample on a two-image split-screen. Data storage is also possible for creating databases.

Example: Connecting the clean room of an IC manufacturer directly to its design section 
When configured with a biological microscope 

Images being captured by more than two DN100 cameras can be stored on a server simultaneously. The desired image can be viewed anytime—even while it is being captured—by accessing the server from the networked PCs. You can process the data, then re-store it on the server. Handy for online education too. 
Example: Clinical/cytodiagnosis technologists can share data with doctors at various locations 
When used as a standalone digital documentation system 

In addition, the DN100 can be used as a macro camera by mounting a camera lens.


CCD  1/2.72-in. high density CCD; total number of pixels: 1.3 million 
Output image size  1280 X 960 pixels (max.) 
Frame rate  15 frame/sec. (max.) 
Sensitivity  2000 lx, F5.6 or greater; equivalent to ISO160 or greater 
Resolution  SXGA mode: Approx. 800 TV lines
XGA mode: Approx. 640 TV lines 
Lens mount  C mount (distance from mount plane to inside of the camera must be less than 8mm) 
Exposure control  Program AE (adjustable), Shutter-priority AE, Manual 
Exposure metering  Center weighted average metering 
Exposure time  1/1,000 to 60 sec. 
Output format  Analog RGB; SXGA mode (1280 x 1024, 60Hz), XGA mode (1024 x 768, 60Hz) 
A/D exchange  12 bits 
Sync signal  TTL/1k
Color temperature range  2800-6800K 
White balance  Can be set from the menu; Color adjustable 
PC card  PCMCIA type II 
Captured image type  JPEG, BMP 
Networking  Ethernet (10-base-T) HTTP, Telnet, or FTP server, FTP client 
(Excluding protrusions) 
CCU: 282 (W) x 177 (D) x 84 (H) mm 
Camera head: 88 (W) x 44 (D) x 73 (H) mm
Remote unit: 56 (W) x 68 (D) x 21 (H) mm 
Weight  CCU: 2.2kg Camera head: 230g Remote unit: 110g 
Power supply  AC 85-264V, 50/60Hz 
Power consumption  40W 
Temperature range  Usable: 0-40°C 20-85RH (without condensation)
Recommended: 15-30, 20-85RH (without condensation) 
Storage: -20-60, 20-85RH (without condensation) 
Compatible monitor  SXGA or greater resolution recommended 


Telephone: (508) 650-9700