DXM 1200

DXM1200 Picture Mounting the Digital Eclipse series camera to your microscope is all you need to begin photomicrography in the digital format.

Nikon, known for its excellence in cameras and microscopes, proudly introduces the DXM1200, a ground-breaking digital camera that will literally redefine digital photomicrography. The DXM1200 is designed to meet the demanding needs of professional users who must take a large number of photomicrographs with sufficiently high image quality and then store them efficiently. The DXM1200 produces true-to-life, extremely high-quality images with up to approximately 12 million output pixels and features a low-noise design that even enables capturing of fluorescence images clearly. The camera's software can be set up to categorize the images taken, sort them and save them, all automatically, eliminating the strain caused by long hours of complicated operation and keyboard typing. The DXM1200. The clear choice of professionals.

The DXM1200. The first digital camera for photomicrography that satisfies the needs of demanding professionals.

Sparkling digital images even better than those taken by film-based cameras. Ultrahigh picture quality in the digital format is now a reality, due to Nikon's new IPS (Inter Pixel Stepping) high-density imaging technology. The result: breathtaking images composed of up to approximately 12 million (3,840 x 3,072) output pixels* that rival conventional film-based, silver-halide images or even surpass them for enlargement purposes. * The total number of pixels in the CCD is 1.4 million.

Low-noise design allows clear, low-light image capture Nikon's high S/N digital-circuit technology enables image capture with exceptionally high sensitivity, resulting in images of excellent clarity that are almost identical to those taken by an ambient temperature cooled CCD camera. Sensitivity (gain) is settable in three levels and long exposure times can also be used.

High-speed data transfer Images captured by the camera can be transferred to your computer at lightning speed (12 frames/sec. max.), setting a new standard in digital photomicrography.

High-performance software

Strain-free operation during long hours of photomicrographic operation: Preview of the image in live, still image, and thumbnail format, in addition to the shooting conditions are displayed on a single screen, making photomicrography a simple matter. All of these display areas or windows are not affected by the operation of the mouse. This makes it unnecessary to constantly check their size or position, allowing you to concentrate on photomicrography while reducing fatigue. Transposition of the live and still image frame areas can be made by switching between the larger or small frames on the screen. You can make exposures while monitoring high-quality live images (12 frames/sec.) in the larger frame. All exposure settings are clearly organized in a small area on the screen, maximizing the space for image display. This area is always available and never hiding behind an image frame.

 Image size/Resolution level 3,840 (H) x 3,072 (V) pixels (max. in Fine mode);1,280 (H) x 1,024 (V) (max. in Quick mode)
CCD 2/3-in. high-density CCD; total number of pixels: 1.4 million (effective 1.34 million)
Lens Mount C-mount
Sensitivity setting 3 levels selectable: Normal, High and Max.
Exposure control  Manual
Auto white balance Can be preset by selecting a point or rectange
Exposure time 1/12,000 to 170 sec.
Shooting mode Fine (10 types): 3,840 x 3,072 pixels to 640  x 480 pixels. Quick (4 types): 1,280 x 1,024 pixels to 640 x 480 pixels.
Live Image size 640 x 512 pixels (12 frames/sec. max)
Data saving format BMP, JPEG (3 types compression), or TIF (uncompressed)
Interface Dedicated interface board (PCI bus)
Dimensions 78 (W) x. 136 (H) x 69 (D) mm (3.1 x 5.4 x 2.7 in.) excluding protrusions; Interface cable: approx. 2m (6.6ft.)
Weight (without battery) Approx. 800g (28.3 oz.) excluding lens
Operating temperature/humidity  Temperature: 0 to + 40°, Humidity: 10 to 80% (without condensation)
Power supply Supplied from PCI bus (via dedicated PCI board)

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