Nexiv VMR 6555
VMR6555 Picture     The new NEXIV VMR series is set to become the standard by which all other vision metrology systems are measured. Its brand new telecentric optic system has been designed to make it the best in the world. An Objective lens with a working distance of 50mm and the same superb numerical apertures found in top-end microscopes are both standard features. The world's widest 15X - zoom ratio provides ample field of view during low magnification observations and excellent resolution at high magnifications.
    A rigid stage offers controlled speeds of 300mm/sec - .5 times faster than previous Nexiv models - and offers significantly higher U2 accuracy with a guaranteed U2XY of 2.5+2.5L/1000µm(VM 6555). Image processing speed has also increased dramatically and the combined result of all the changes and improvements is a machine that offers a considerably higher work throughput.


    Ring Light Image Subject illumination is now available in a variety of formats depending on the type of work and nature of the measurement task. Options include Episcopic (top light) illumination, Diascopic (bottom light) illumination, and a new twin 8-segment LED ring illuminator with variable height outer ring.
    Nikon's unique LED ring illumination design allows observations of very low contrast edges, usually impossible under conventional episcopic illumination. Lighting can be perfectly controlled by combining illumination from any of the eight different segments and positioning of the outer ring to enhance features and edges. In practice this has proven to be useful for edge enhancement of the contours of bosses, pins, ceramic packages and similar low contrast work pieces.

TTL laser auto focus technology
The standard TTL Laser auto focus technology now provides higher accuracy and a longer working distance of 50mm. TTL Diagram High-speed auto focus is now possible regardless of surface conditions within the work piece. The TTL laser technology also enables ultra precise Z-axis scanning be taken (up to 1000 points per second). Measured work pieces can be shown in a birds-eye view or as a 2-dimensional cross section.

Self-teach technology

NEXIV VMR is far easier to use than ever before. Each operation contains a self teach wizard, providing a step-by-step guide to even the most complex operations. In addition the interactive measurement wizards can guide an operator through exactly what is required to perform a specific measurement task. For frequent operations using the same procedure operators can create customized wizards.
NEXIV can also import CAD data. The online CAD interface program is provided as standard and allows the import of a variety of CAD file types including IGES, DXF, Gerber and Excellon. The operator can display the graphics on NEXIV VMR AutoMeasure facilitating teaching and shortening working time. Measured data can also be converted to DXF files making for easier reverse engineering processes. 
Key Features Include:
Technical Specifications:
  • DC Servo Motor control, 150-mm/sec-stage speed with 3020 and 300 mm/sec with 6555.
  • New Telecentric 15:1 zoom optical system with 0.3 numerical aperture and 25 millimeter working distance.
  • New dual ring programmable oblique LED illuminators, each ring has 8 independent segments.
  • Improved stage accuracy with new design lower coefficient of expansion scales with 0.1-micron resolution.
  • More stringent stage accuracy specifications, all stages are U2 compliant.
  • High accuracy, high speed through the lens Laser with 8-micron spot size. Scans a 1000 points a second and has a 25-millimeter working distance
  • Faster image acquisition and improved system speed with a progressive scan black and white camera.
  • New separate system controller with all electronics along with halogen episcopic and diascopic illumination built in. This removes heat source and vibration from fan illuminators from main stand.
  • High-speed local area network connection (LAN) between the system controller and the computer improves program run time along with improved laser and video auto focus performance.
  • New 300 by 200 millimeter steel stage on VMR-3020 with ball screw design cross roller bearing guides. (Fast, Accurate, Durable)
  • New VMR Automeasure software includes CAD Reader, Offline Programming, Profiling Software, and Programming Wizards. (All standard)
  • Improved measuring accuracy with New Patented High Accuracy edge probes developed by Nikon.
  • Stroke (Xx Yy Zz) Standard: 650 x 550 x 150 mm (25.6 x 21.7x 5.9) in.
  • Minimum readout: 0.1mm
  • Maximum work piece weight: 30kg (66.1lb.)
  • Measuring accuracy at 20C+/-0.5K:
  • U1x U1y: ''1.5 + 4L/1000 mm Max Work Piece 30kg
  • U2xy (Standard): '2.5 + 4L/1000 mm Max Work Piece 30kg
  • Z-axis guide accuracy: (1.5+L/150) mm
  • Camera: B/W Progressive Scan camera or color CCD camera
  • Maximum specimen height (Standard): 105mm
  • Zoom Head Magnification and Field of View: Type 1: 0.5- 7.5x, 9.33 x 7.00mm - 0.622 x 0.467mm; Type 2: 1- 15x, 4.67 x 3.50mm - 0.311x 0.233mm; Type 3: 2 - 30x, 2.33 x 1.75mm - 0.155 x 0.117mm
  • Auto Focus: (TTL) Through the lens laser and video auto focus
  • Power Source: AC 100 to 240 V+/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: Approximately 9A
  • Dimensions and Weight:    Main Body Only: 1220(W) x 1680(D) x 1750(H) mm, 600kg; 48.0(W) x 66.1(D) x 68.9(H) in., 1322.8lb     Main Body & Table: 690(W) x 730(D) x 1725(H) mm, 200kg; 27.2(W) x 28.8(D) x 67.9(H) in., 440.9lb     Controller: 250(W) x 550(D) x 500(H) mm, 20kg; 9.8(W) x 21.7(D) x 19. (H) in., 44.1lb     Foot Print: 2400 (W) x 2000 (D) mm; 94.5 (W) x 78.7 (D) in.
  • Host Computer:    Main unit: IBM PC/AT compatible (Windows® 2000)    CRT: 21-inch color

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