Veritas CNC Video Measuring System Veritas VM-500
Click to Enlarge Veritas delivers unbeatable accuracy and repeatability for even the toughest measuring applications. Superb Nikon optics and up to six channels of computer-controlled illumination deliver remarkable high contrast, high resolution video images. Veritas detects edges, even blind holes, better than any other video system on the market. Computerized 10:1 zoom ratio can be easily calibrated and recalibrated right on site. Other features, including a 3-axis coordinate measuring system, and an ultra-high precision stage, put Veritas in a class by itself. Veritas is fully programmable, intuitive and easy to operate. You can tailor the Windows-based, 100% user-definable software to meet all your measuring needs, from the simplest to the most complex. The optional laser autofocus dramatically improves focusing speed and repeatability. Choose the model that suits your needs. The VM-500 can measure a part as large as 19.75" x 20.75" x 6".

An optional HMZ High Magnification Zoom Optical System combines Nikon CF-I Epi-Plan high magnification objectives with Veritas 10:1 zoom lens to deliver an incredible magnification range of 130x to 1300x. Ideal for samples that have measurement tolerances ranging from 0.0001" to 0.100" on the same part such as disk head components, medical device parts, and screw machine parts.

An optional programmable tilting fiber illuminator allows the operator to select easy detection of hard-to-image features, chambers, rounded edges, and blind holes. Combined with its programmable intensity control and powerful edge detection capabilities, this accessory allows Veritas to address the most demanding application.

The Nikon VERITAS family of video-based metrology solutions combines an unsurpassed optical system and precision staging with the measuring power of Metronics Quadra-Chek QC5300NLS software. These two world-renowned leaders in quality control and quality assurance have set a new standard in dimensional inspection. Models VM-150, VM-250 and VM-500 share the same optics, CNC controller and QC5300NLS Windows-based operating system. The following features define a powerful metrology system solution.

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