CNC Video Measuring System Veritas VM-150

Click to Enlarge Watch your measuring productivity soar with the VERITAS Nikon VM-150 and the specifically designed Quadra-Chek 5300NLS. The Nikon CNC Video measuring system, the VERITAS, Model VM-150, enables operators to measure parts automatically. At the heart of the VERITAS is the Nikon VM-150 main body, stage, and the customized QC-5300NLS measuring software. The total system that's easy to use yet powerful enough to handle your most advanced measuring applications.

Windows-based system for easier, user-friendly operations.
Programmable 10x zoom control with 5-step magnification.
Versatile illumination techniques and video-based AF by program control.
Multi-gray-level scale to determine edges.
Greater throat depth for larger stages.
Multitasking functionality, such as CAD interface and data export for SPC.

The Nikon VERITAS family of video-based metrology solutions combines an unsurpassed optical system and precision staging with the measuring power of Metronics Quadra-Chek QC5300NLS software. These two world-renowned leaders in quality control and quality assurance have set a new standard in dimensional inspection. Models VM-150, VM-250 and VM-500 share the same optics, CNC controller and QC5300NLS Windows-based operating system. The following features define a powerful metrology system solution.


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