TenX Zoom System

 Click to Enlarge    The highest combination of zoom range, resolution, and depth of focus. Navitar's new TenX Zoom is the latest advance in video zoom optics. With a numerical aperture of 0.01-0.1, a zoom range of 0.5 - 5x and built-in iris, the TenX Zoom is the only single lens system to provide such a high combination of zoom range, resolution, and depth of field.

    This combination of video clarity and zoom range, coupled with unprecedented field coverage (64mm with1/2" format camera @ 160mm W.D.), means that manufacturers will now be able to view a wider range of parts with a single video inspection system.

    State-of-the-art optical design also provides an easier and more efficient inspection process because it eliminates the need to readjust illumination levels throughout the entire zoom range. The TenX zoom system is designed on a modular basis. This interchangeable design, combined with a wide selection of available adapters and attachments, allows you to easily customize the system to meet your specific needs.

    The TenX system reaches a true telecentric condition when the coupled magnification of the zoom and the lens attachment are equal to 0.709x. At this position, constant perspective and magnification are maintained. This means that even if the object is slightly off-axis, or if there is a shift in the object's height (within the depth of field), the size of the object will not change. This is important for applications such as precise dimensional measurement of objects or pattern recognition.
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