Finescope FS-60 Series

Click to Enlarge    The FS-60 is a microscope unit made for brightfield inspection. It is ideal for observing very minute sections, and especially suitable for the Prober and Failure Analysis Manufacturing applications. High magnification, long working distance, fiber optic cold light illumination ensures easy and accurate operation.

    The FS-60FD offers the option for use of Mitutoyo's darkfield lenses. A special nosepiece is provided to accommodate these objectives.

    The FS-60YC is designed for a YAG cutting laser. An infrared radiation compensation system is built into the FS-60YC optics. Note: 1x fixed magnification safety filter for laser.

    The plan achromatic FS-ULWD series objectives have the world's longest working distance and an infinite tube system. These lenses provide flexible observations at high magnifications and independent correction of lateral chromatic aberration.

    The field of view is extra wide and erect. The fiber optic cold light illumination keeps the system free from thermal expansion caused by illumination heat. A color video system and photography unit are also available for this unit.

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  Finescope FS-60 series
Focus adjustment Concentric coarse and fine controls 
Coarse adjustment - 2.1mm/rot 
Fine adjustment- 0.1mm/rot 
Focusing 50mm
Erecting trinocular tube Pupil distance adjustment: 
Siedentopf type 
Adjustment range: 51-76mm 
Fixed optical path: 50 (observing), 50 (photographing)
Tube magnification 1x to 2x changeable by zooming on FS-60FC/FD
Illumination Reflected illumination unit Koehler illumination, adopted optical system for the fiber illumination unit, built in diaphragm aperture.
Revolving nosepiece 4 lens mounts or optional 5 lens mounts
Objectives Infinite tube system, lateral chromatic aberration free 
Stain-free, plan apochromat 
Parfocal distance 95mm
Eyepiece Chromatic aberration free 
High eye point with rubber eye cup 
Diopter adjustment: -8D to +5D 
Magnification - field of view 
    10x - 24mm 
    15x - 16mm 
    20x - 12mm
Optional accessories Adapter (B) for video system / photography unit 
Polarization unit 
Photographic Systems CB33 and 35mm
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