Finescope FS-300


    Controls Designed for ease of Use: The Most frequently used functions, such as the focus handle, objective lens switch and light-volume adjuster, are positioned at the front of the microscope and within the reach of the operator's fingers, to allow him/her to perform various observations without adjusting his/her posture. Transmitted illumination from another light source can also be controlled on the front panel.

    Improved eye level lens for fatigue free use: The eyepoint of the objective lens is designed to be at the most ideal position to prevent eye fatigue in long-time observations. The models with the tilting head allow the operator to adjust the head to attain the eye-point position that best suit his/her work posture.

    Super-wide field of view eyepiece: Being equipped with an eyepiece with field number 30, the highest in its class, allows observation of a wide view-field to greatly reduce eye-fatigue.

    Mitutoyo's unique optical system offers a clear image without flaring: Mitutoyo's unique optical system has completely eliminated flaring and ghosting, which causes deterioration of contrast and image-formation, thus now achieving bright and clear images.

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