Model Make MF-510 MF-510TH MF-1020 MF-1020TH MF-1030TH
Optical Tube Monocular Binocular Monocular Binocular Binocular
25° Depression Angle. Diopter Adjustable; Erect Image; Includes Cross-Hair Reticle
Focusing Manual Coarse and Fine Focus Knob
Total Magnification 30x standard (10x - 2000x possible)
Eyepiece Lens Standard: Magnification: 10x: Field Number 24: 378-856-5(Monocular), 378-856(Binocular)*
Option: Magnification: 15x, 20x
Objective Lens Standard: Magnification: 3x; Working Distance: 2.85"; Numerical Aperture 0.07, Magnifying Accuracy: +/-0.1% (375-037) Optional: 1x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x
Transmitted Illumination Telecentric system with Aperture Diaphragm; Adjustable Lighting Intensity, 12V, 50W Halogen Bulb ( 513667)
Includes Green Filter 938905
Surface Illumination Vertical Illumination. Adjustable Lighting Intensity. 12V. 50W Halogen Bulb (513667)
Display Counter XY Display XYZ Display XY Display XYZ Display
Linear Error Compensation, Zero-Set, +/-Direction Changeover. RS-232C Output
Resolution .0001"/.00005" (0.001mm/0.0005mm) selectable
Measuring Unit Built-in AT 112 Linear Scale with Quick Release Floating-Table
XY Table Travel 4" x 2" (100mm x 50mm) 8" x 4" (200mm x 100mm) 12" x 4" (300mm x 100mm)
Size of XY Table Top 11" x 11" (280mm x 280mm) 16.9" x 10.0" (430mm x 254mm) 19.7" x 10.0" (500mm x 254mm)
Size of Stage Glass Diameter 7" (ø178mm) 10.6" x 6.7" (270mm x 170mm) 14.6" x 6.7" (370mm x 170mm)
Rotary Table Standard Optional
Swivel Range 360° +/-5°
XY Accuracy (3+0.02L)µm: L=Measuring Length (mm)
Max. Workpiece Height 5.9" (150mm)
Max. Loading Mass 10.9 lbs (5 kg) 43.9 lbs (20kg)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 17.1" x 26.6" x 23.8" 21.8" x 26.6" x 25.2" 21.9" x 28.2" x 25.2"
Weight 129.8 lbs (59kg) 180.4 lbs (82kg) 182.6 lbs (83kg)
*with a binocular head (#960064) in TH type.