Stereoscopic Microscope EMZ-5

EMZ-8TR The versatile EMZ-8TR zoom stereo body features high-resolution zoom optics, which deliver crisp sharp images, excellent resolution and superior image contrast. The EMZ-8TR has been specially designed for extended use in assembly, inspection, teaching and training situation.

The EMZ-8TR trinocular body directs light to all three viewing ports simultaneously. The specimens image can be viewed through both eyepieces while being observed on a video monitor or photographed using the standard 35mm or Polaroid camera accessories.

The EMZ-8TR offers a 6.5:1 zoom ration and provides extended magnifications from 2.45X to 202.5X with optional eyepieces and auxiliary lenses.

A specially designed video "C"mount with built-in 0.6X lens is also available as an option. Using the MA151/8TR video "C"mount results in an approximate 40 percent increase in your video monitors field of view.


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