Video Micrometer JV6000/JV6000T
JV Series The JV6000/JV6000T are video micrometers that accomodate any RS-170 black and white or color video system. The JV6000/JV6000T provide for X-axis, Y-axis, and diagonal (D) measurements from a calibrated screen. The X, Y, and D measurements remain on the screen at all times after calibration. The JV6000/JV6000T come standard with four calibration settings in order to support multiple microscope objectives in turret lens configurations.

    The JV6000/JV6000T micrometers can selectively read out in units of inches, millimeters, and / or user defined standards such as miles, kilometers, nupes, vickers, and Rockwell A and B. Look-up tables can also be integrated. Operational features of the JV6000/JV6000T are menu driven from a 5-button remote control keypad which is supplied with the unit.

    The JV6000T includes a joystick control unit. The joystick allows the user to move Datum, Span, or both without going back to the menu. The joystick also displays the current mode of operation on the screen at all times. The JV6000/JV6000T offer Y/C Super VHS capability as a factory installed option. Super VHS provides crisp video edges and avoids "dot crawl" generally associated with color composite video. The Y/C option is especially useful in high end medical applications.

    The JV6000/JV6000T micrometers can be computer controlled through an optional bi-directional RS-232 port. The bi-directional port allows the user to freely communicate by and between the micrometer and any PC or in-process control unit. The JV-6000/JV6000T micrometers may also be ordered with battery back-up and/or lock feature. The battery is board mounted and will store the most recent calibrations and crosshair positions for up to ten years. The lock feature is a software security device which prevents unauthorized changes to calibrations.


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  JV6000 / JV6000T
Video Input (BNC Connector) EIA RS-170 1 Vp-p
Video Optput (BNC Connector) Unity gain, loop thru
Resolution 421 (H) x 467 (V)
Control 5-button remote keypad (joystick, optional)
Weight 3 lbs (1.361 kg)
Focusing System Nosepiece focusing
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