Remote Head 3CCD Color Camera HV-D27/HV-D37

    The HV-D27/D37 from Hitachi is a seperate head 3 CCD type color camera with a compact and lightweight camer control unit (CCU). The HV-D27 features 1/2-inch format CCD's while the HV-D37 used 1/3 inch CCD's. Each CCD contains 410,000 (470,000 PAL) picture elements (pixels). The C mount lens fitting provides convenient physical compatibility with a broad selection of readily availiable and specialized optical systems. For improved performance and reliability, the CCU circuitry from the processor to the encoder is contained in a single VLSI DSP semi conductor chip. The small lightweight head makes this camera an excellent choice for medical systems, industrial automation, image processing, microscope equipment and a nearly unlimited range of other applications.


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