Suberb image quality is achieved in a compact 3 CCD camera using C-Mount optics, by a breakthrough in prism design. Designed for video conference, distance learning, microscopy, and machine vision markets, the HV-C20 has a wide array of features. A full auto mode can be selected that will allow the camera to operate over a wide range of illumination and color temperatures. Auto shading compensates for shading characteristics of C-Mount lenses. Auto knee, BLC, AES, detail, and contrast are available through the extensive menu system. A RS-232 interface allows access to all menu functions from a PC. For machine vision, the HV-C20 has external trigger inputs and a field on demand mode. For electroluminance microscopy, the camera features long term integration up to 8 seconds. Also available, HV-C20M and HV-C22.

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