Linear Measuring Systems LMH Series

 Click to EnlargeBoeckeler installs linear scales onto microscopes and other XY stages or on microscope stands for Z axis measurement. There are three elements in a linear measuring system: a digital readout, linear scales, and proper installation. Boeckeler designs brackets for each microscope stage, stage holder, and length of travel. By selecting and properly installing the linear scales, Boeckeler creates a platform for positioning and measuring.

    Microscope users needing precise positioning or measuring of samples will benefit from the speed and accuracy of the Boeckeler digital linear measuring system. This miniaturized system mounts directly to existing stages for limited interference with the work area. Standard operating lengths (travel) up to 20 inches (or 520 mm) are available, all with resolutions of 0.0005mm or 0.001mm.

    The LM measuring transducer consists of a precision linear glass scale and a movable detector head. The detector head contains infrared detectors and is supported to minimize drag on the movement of the stage. A flexible cable leads from the detector head to the digital readout.

    The Microcode digital readout is a microprocessor-based display unit designed for use with all Boeckeler measuring devices. Standard features include instant inch/millimeter conversion, zero reset button, direction switch, and absolute/relative measuring capabilities.


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